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Antique Guns

Like any other items, guns in North America become antiques after 100 Years. Some antique guns continue to be considered needing supervision by legal authorities if modern ammunition can be used in them. These require that buyers qualify for a Possession Acquisition License (PAL) and be approved for gun ownership by local police authorities before they can purchase such firearms. The Sword Antiques specializes in providing guns that are not governed by these strictures and no PAL is required to purchase them.

We carry workable firearms which can be used legally for hunting or target shooting. We strongly advise any buyer to have our guns, no matter what age, examined and pronounced safe by a recognized gunsmith before being live fired. Many of our guns are unfit for live use and labelled as ‘wall hangers.’ Such weaponry decorates many a Canadian hearth and “man cave” as a proud relic of our nation’s past and the doughty spirit of our ancestors. Will you please now all stand for the singing of ‘O Canada'.

One of our first ‘wall hangers was an 18th Century French trade musket in remarkable condition for its age. It was purchased by a high school history teacher. Recently we acquired a beautiful English muzzle loading rifle of the 1840’s. It was a rare piece in that its maker was reknowned as a provider of fowling pieces for the aristocracy and the very wealthy. The piece was engraved with the name of His Royal Highness The Duke of Sussex, and perhaps one of a kind. Please contact us if you have any weapon you would like to know more about or which you might be interested in selling.

reproduction guns no1

Top : A Harper's Ferry .69 caliber musket. Made in the USA, 1822.

Middle: An 1872 two band Snider Enfield breech-loading rifle of the 39th Regiment, Canada.

Bottom: A percussion double-barreled shotgun from the 1840's. Wall hanger.


An antique gentleman's flintlock fowler. Made in London 1798-1811. Original ramrod


19th Century single shot French pistol. Made for Révillon Frères, fur fraders in Canada