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Our Blue Mountain Pottery Collection

 It’s a pottery either much beloved or much maligned and, in many ways, a victim of our nation’s “tall poppy syndrome.” I think Pat and I were one of the few couples who married in Ontario in the mid 1960s not to receive a BMP piece as a wedding present. And there was just too much of it. And as any Canadian can tell you, if it’s Canadian, it can’t be much good.

We pretty much ignored it for the next 30 years although hearing from time to time of its financial difficulties and its changing hands more than once. By this time we were familiar with its ubiquitous green and black objects and pretty well unimpressed. Then we got into collectibles. We learned there were other colour combinations and we moved a bit of BMP ourselves. It was in many auctions, estate sales and yard sales we attended. And a strange thing happened. I began to like the stuff. Not much of the early works, the swan planters, rearing horses, industrial strength ashtrays and such. But I kind of liked Harvest Gold and really liked Blue which I had never heard of. And then I fell in love with a long Blue Green Diving Salmon and other pieces followed. A strolling Blue Green bear with glowing eyes, her head turned to the left. Another Blue Green bear, a much earlier and rarer creation. And a droll Blue Green frog who can’t be anything but his tribe’s “The Thinker.” I met a major Blue Mountain collector who became a friend and spent an hour showing me an astounding array of colors and sizes and creatures. So that’s where I am now. We’ve got a big collection, not just animals but dishes too and way too little in it that’s blue or my favourite, a red so bright and glowing you can warm your hands on it and maybe even your heart.


r collection of Blue Mountain Pottery from Collingwood Ontario

The Four Dolphins
The Resting Lion, The Panther, The Standing Bear